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Estate Auctions

Estate Auctions can be a hard time for your family. Hunt Auctions & Land recognizes this and goes that extra mile to assure that the process of selling a loved one’s belongings is as painless as possible.

We provide assistance with every aspect of the sale from pre-cataloging of items to clearing the checks following the sale. There is little to worry about when Hunt Auctions & Land is handling your affairs from start to finish.

Key Auction Benefits

  • Pre-inventory cataloging of all items for appraisal, sale brochures.

  • All featured items will be listed on our website.

  • Professional photography of featured items up for auction.

  • Custom tailored advertising to ensure each item reaches its full price potential.


  • Information about your auction will reach a wide range of advertising platforms across the United States, as well as, the Globe!

  • Assistance with the organization, boxing, moving and display of items to be sold.

  • Concessions are provided for the buyers and sellers on site.

  • Professional sales staff available to you prior to and on sale day.

  • We provide a professional clerking staff and as a result, you will receive a detailed list of every item sold, price and buyer in a nice and neat binder.

  • All funds are collected and cleared in 10 business days by our professional accounting staff.

  • Seller will receive a check directly from Hunt Auction & Land. Along with a folder containing all information pertinent to your auction.

Previous Auction Flyer Samples

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McGinley Flyer.JPG
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